All About Posing in Photography – A Guide to Taking Your Best Photos

Here at Haman Photography, it’s our job to make you look your best. In every photoshoot, we provide step by step posing instruction to make your photos look incredible! Still, some clients experience a bit of anxiety prior to their photoshoot – and this is completely normal! For many, being in front of the camera can be stressful. This is why we at Haman Photography have listed these 3 quick and easy tricks to put your mind at ease and take your posing to the next level!

“To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up.” – Oscar Wilde

  1. Keep Moving – When you think of the word “pose,” you might think of a fixed, unchangeable image. While holding still during a pose can be very helpful during your photography session, don’t try to be so rigid and instead have some fun with it! Your photographer will be taking many images, so they will take the shots they need. Instead of stiffening up, loosen up and be playful. This will allow your photographer to take some beautiful shots with a relaxed and natural feel. A great example is a kissing pose. Instead of quickly going in and holding a kiss, pretend that you are in a movie. Take your time and move slowly toward the kiss – there can be some amazing shots along the way!
  2. Keep Up the Conversation – Communicate during your shoot both with your photographer and with your partner. With your photographer, have fun and don’t be shy to ask questions or make requests. The photoshoot is a 2-way process, and as photographers we always love to hear what you have to say! We are here to help you and serve you in the best way possible in order to make your photoshoot an amazing, fun and joyful experience! Never hesitate to tell your photographer anything that is on your mind. Also, if you are shooting with a partner, feel comfortable to have fun, joke around and share lots of laughter! There is no need to be so serious. Your photoshoot is a a day to remember and a day to celebrate! Have fun and keep the energy light, positive and joyful. This type of energy will also result in some absolutely stunning images!
  3. Posture, Posture, Posture! – Remember to pay attention to your posture during your photoshoot. In this day and age, so many of us are hunched over a computer for 8 hours a day and forget to pay attention to our posture. During your photoshoot, however, posture is key and is extremely influential in the overall energy and look of your images. To help you remember to maintain your best posture during your photoshoot, imagine yourself as a puppet with a string attached to the top of your head. Every time you feel yourself slouching, imagine this string tugging at the top of your head, lifting you up to your perfect posture!

Thank you so much for reading and above all remember to SIMPLY HAVE FUN! Your happy and positive energy will result in the best poses, loveliest smiles and most beautiful images!

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